Jan 13, 2008

Online Photo and Image Hosting

Photo's Online - Vast Internet Album

Image From Stock.xchng by danjager

Though many of us enjoy taking holiday photos for later viewing, and have enjoyed the memories from past photos, the Internet has various online photo and image hosting sites to retrieve and upload photos. Hence it is relatively easy to share your photos online if you want. One can easily download for a small cost or free, and upload photos, from and to, various stock and storage sites such as bigstockphoto or istockphoto.

Many online photo sites provide free image hosting for your photo’s such as the popular flicker, and Picassa. There are many other sites, including social network sites (e.g. Bebo, Myspace), smaller storage sites such as drop.io
and mediafire, and even your own ISP server (you need to call them to activate). These sites can also serve as an online photo backup, in addition to your normal backup strategy. Such image hosting sites allow you to share your photos with family and friends, and also to link to from your own blog or web site, or profile page from social media sites, such as myspace.

I have made a little by selling photos with
bigstockphoto, of which thousands of people attempt to do. Though it seems the market is becoming increasingly crowded, with a lot of photo subscribers, submitting thousands of quality online photos, almost daily. This means a lot of competition, but one positive outcome, I guess, is the vast range of photo’s (including eye catching conceptual photo’s) of all descriptions. Therefore several photos are likely to exist that appeal to anyone. I have found many quality and relevant photos, even unintentionally, for use in my blog, as have other site owners.

Lately I have been using free online photo sites, where the minimum required is to credit the site and the photographer with a link. This has prompted me to share some of my photos for free on those sites, because I think I am more likely to get more downloads than a pay for type photo site. More downloads might translate to more recognition as a photo submitter, and perhaps more links to a site that you own if you want to promote it.

It seems then that photos,
from our family and school albums, or living room walls, our hobbies, and so on, all seem to serve a much more grander purpose when transferred to the Internet - for sharing, monetization, advertising, and promoting…


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