May 14, 2010

Screen Capture Review

If you are wanting a simple, easy to use screen capture, screenshot, or image capture software utility, then ScreenGrab would be an ideal capture screen software. Specifically a Firefox Add On, ScreenGrab is an easy to use, minimal, free, and functional utility for copying or saving once a "windows capture" has been performed. Previously the Alt - Prt Scrn keys, and other similar key combination's were used to copy a entire visible window screen (or dialog box) into other applications, often Microsoft Word, or an Image Editor for cropping, enhanced editing, and perhaps uploaded to the internet.

ScreenGrab which resides at the bottom of the screen along the status bar, awaits to be clicked to perform a selection of copying or saving functions. I found it useful, and I'm sure many do as well, to quickly copy plenty of diagrams, images, and portions of web pages, or Google search results into a photo editor (e.g. Ulead Photo Express) to upload to my blogs and web sites. Nothing complicated, but get's the process done with relative ease.

I recently did a lot of "Screen Grabs" for my Hair Straightener NZ Blog, and Best search tips for hair irons, but spent a bit of time cropping, and enhancing (or trying to) in my photo editor. Not necessary really, only because I could easily capture, and insert dozens of screen shots and images in the photo software to play around with. The easier something is, perhaps the more it benefits for other things, i.e. from copying relevant screen shots for editing. Perhaps more important, if a picture tells a thousand words, to visitors of a blog or website, then it should be easier for them to assimilate your information as a image screen shot - see below)

Note: Click on images for clarity

Search results screen shot using ScreenGrab (The results "cloud" is from another Firefox Add On called Search Cloudlet). It was better to display the effect of the incrementally larger - and hence important search words...

Google's Wonder Wheel Search results captured with ScreenGrab - to effectively display categorized search results...

Maybe visit my Blog on how these captured screen shots were incorporated to help search for the Best NZ Hair Straightener Flattening Irons.

For the ScreenGrab utility, the same secondary options are presented from the Save and Copy selections when clicked on the ScreenGrab utility. The options are

- Complete page/Frame
- Visible Portion
- Selection (Which I think is the most frequently used)
- Window

Once you have selected your specific option, then either paste in to your application, or download the saved screenshot (or portion) to a folder, once the dialog box appears. For image editing in a photo editor, you may have to adjust or crop a little to eliminate unwanted white space from the edges, and to achieve a suitably sized or presentable image(e.g. suitable photo dimensions, file size, or pixel count, etc). As noted earlier, ScreenGrab easily and quickly captures (if you have a steady hand for selective screen shot regions) what's displayed on screen for further processing or editing if desired. Hence a very useful Windows capture utility to make copying, saving, and editing screen shots a bit easier.


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