Aug 31, 2007

Web Beginner

So much easier today to design to create and host a web page today. For years I was always hesitant, as only thought it was for the real web designers - but now with providers like myspace, yahoo geocities, hosting sites, free templates, editors (frontpage), internet tutorials, and so, it is now easier than ever.
This is good for many. Now one can reach (or hope to) the world with their own web space, blog, or site. Trouble is, your space can easily get buried with the masses.. I did a google search on some computer terms, and results are in their millions. But at least you are out there if you want to be found, and what you have to offer is the thing. Otherwise one's site could be just another thing, say like hidden page in a pile of magazines - but never mind there's always someone else's site or blog to browse through that may offer more. That's why I am at this blog site...It's refreshing to say the least...

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