Sep 6, 2007

Basic Computer Backup:Drive Image XML

Often we use our PCs so much and we might forget about backing up our files until it crashes or we accidentally delete a important file or program. Then panic...So a strategy to backup is in order...You can either back up individual programs or files manually or with software on external drives, discs, servers, or online storage, etc, or a entire back up as a image. The image approach is probably the best approach - as everything can be backed up and restored. This includes the entire operating system, windows updates, and others such as virus files, spy ware, and others.

Image backup saves the hassle and hours of re-updating important updates again. Drive XML offers a free image backup program to easily backup for free. Have a look at their site which includes other programs. You might want to also create a boot up disc, in case your PC won't boot up. So try Bart PE which works with Drive XML among other plug in utilities - Both very useful and important programs...

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