Sep 10, 2007

Googles Gmail and...Benefits...Benefits

After not really using my Gmail account - I find it most useful in other areas, particularly if you have your own website. Gmail allows you to use your user name to create a blogger account, which you can link to your web site, add ads if you want, (adsense) and connect to "feedburner" - a enhancement to your blog account.

Then there are webmaster tools (
) - You can submit your site to help to create a index and site map for Google to optimize search ability in Google searches. There is provision to add nice and useful gadgets to your site: custom search forms, mini games, "tools", weather maps, world times, currency converters and hundreds more gadgets. Also, their are other useful tools and features (forums, analytics, developers, etc) to enhance your site.

In fact there are more Google "tools" - others such as google earth, page creator, and of course their great search engine ...The more I have started blogging and web designing, the more I have detoured a bit and immersed myself in Google's Gmail's derived beneficial add ons... It can only be good ...Because to learn more, you need to look more... Check out Google's gadgets on my site:

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Peter Chen said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for leaving a comment in my post Disable right-click and prevent copying of your photos?. I have responded to your comment.

Sorry to hear about your employment situation. I am a little bit better off. I am retired, but supporting 2 sons (now 1 because the other just started working) through colleague on my pension. I have to find ways to supplement my pension and Google AdSense proved invaluable. The starting was slow but now I get a monthly check. Suggest you continue blogging, participate (meaningfully) in forums relevant to your blog content, leave a signature line with a link to your blog.

I have even received offers of paid work from US, UK, Argentina via my blogs.

BTW I am hoping for a response to my response in my blog.

Also, may I suggest you use a 3 column template. It helps a lot in getting stuff you want seen above the fold. Plenty of choices:

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More on the way when I have the time.

Peter (Blog*Star)
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