Sep 13, 2007

ISP Web Space....Don't Forget...It's Often available

Reading our local paper (South Auckland Courier in NZ), I came across a advert from some poor chap who had advertised about his stolen portable drive. He desperately wants it back - more for his extensive university research notes stored, rather it seems than the actual drive. Apparently months of research gone...

This indicates that backing up important data is a good form of security in theory, but not always - particularly on physical objects (hardware).
Another backup measure, and perhaps overlooked (In part due to the popularity, simplicity, and extensive marketing of some sleek looking USB portable and pen drives) is on your own ISP web server - of which often web space can be allocated for free. This is in addition to free online commercial sites that may be available on the net, and of course on yor web host server if you have a web site.

I currently use my ISP web space (In NZ) to store my blogs, and other files which can be linked to my web site as downloads. My website is hosted on a separate server in the USA. So if in a bit of a hurry to backup, and backup hardware is unavailable then... your ISP server may be the easiest safety backup location. Just call your ISP for activation. I actually thought nothing of a ISP web space until I created a web site....


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