Sep 16, 2007

How to Add a Slide Show for Your Blog and Website

Note: Thumbnail kindly allowed by virtualoceania (a photo site in New Zealand)
For my personal website and blog I was looking for a photo slide show to "drop in" and come across three choices: a fade in type at 2: another at and 3: which I currently use, from xat com. The No. 1 choice has several to choose from and is often is a embedded code, which you may need to do a bit of editing yourself, whereas No.'s 2 and 3 (as many others) employ a wizard approach: This allows ease of use, and customization - adding transitions, color backgrounds, borders, etc.

Using a simple slide screen with thumbnails of New Zealand photos, a slide show adds a bit of a professional touch, which hopefully will allow a visitor stay longer on your web site - just to have a look . You might be expected to include a link to the respective site...


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