Sep 19, 2007

Tagging mp3's for Track Names

Unwanted track name to proper track name >>

If you have a collection of mp3's without their formal track title names which may be unsuitably titled as track number, genre, code numbers, or other "no name" format then mp3 tag may help. It can quickly rename the files by swapping their tags (if they exist) for the unsuitable track names. I found this program helpful and quick when renaming ipod tracks after they were converted to mp3. After converting to mp3's with another program (itunes or another conversion program) the titles ended up with " code numbers" - something like AACC12HH, etc.

By loading the converted ipod tracks in mp3 tag, and then converting the embedded tags (i.e. track title - artist and music title tags) to the unwanted actual track titles took about a minute - for over several tracks. Super fast! Having the correct track titles is beneficial for displaying them in stereos, creating catalog's on the PC to name a few. Worth a try if you have multiple tracks to rename properly....

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