Sep 19, 2007

MP3 Tags to Track Name Time Saver...

If you have a sizable collection of Mp3's without their formal track titles (i.e. artist - song name or similar) then Mp3 tag, a powerful tag (tagger) to rename mp3 files may help if the embedded tags are present. It certainly did for me, when renaming several ipod tracks after they were converted to mp3 format (I think with i tunes or another conversion program). The "track" resulting names were a series of unsuitable "codes" like adcs123. To rename them manually would have taken too long. Mp3 tag took about a minute! Very fast and accurate with additional options.
Having the proper or suitable track titles allows ease of cataloging and searching on the PC, recognition in certain stereo players, to name a few benefits...

MP3 Track Namer with the Free MP3 Tag Utility

Image of MP3 Tag a freeware MP3 Track Namer Utility
MP3 Tag has some useful features such as batch mode conversion, individual editing, auto numbering, custom or user defined settings, track to file name switching (i.e. easily "flip" between the two). Also includes freedb support, a free CD and music data base service to query and provide information for music based on meta data or tags. Cover art (primarily to Amazon Com), and tag source album information retrieval (from Disogs and Music Brainz).

You can also create a favorite directory for later reference, export playlists (e.g. in html, csv and other formats), and perhaps optimize settings with the many options, including a range of language preferences. Hence MP3 tag is a great MP3 track namer to rapidly and efficiently rename your mp3 files, and once that is done you may want to organize your music files with another freeware utility such as Media Monkey (my review) or search duplicate MP3's with MP3 duplicate Finder.

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