Jul 2, 2009

MP3 Duplicate Finder and Remover

If your computer has numerous similar or duplicate MP3 or other format audio files, then the freeware "Similarity" a MP3 duplicate finder and remover will be useful for audio and hard drive organization. Excess duplicate audio files are unneccessary, become unused, and can take up space on your hard drive. Perhaps you may want to remove duplicate audio before systematically organizing your audio files, with a freeware software such as MediaMonkey or to rename audio tracks based on their tag information. Similarity, a freeware utility, supports various audio formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA and others, and can easily scan your computer for duplicate audio files. It performs comparison sound analysis of audio files based on sound characteristics, and finds any embedded tag information, e.g. album, artist, and track entries.

Ease of Use and Audio Results Verification:

The attractive interface, similar to windows explorer for navigation, is easy to use, scans MP3 duplicates relative quickly, provides optional sensitivity and scan content/tag settings for finding audio files. To help ease of audio file removal, a list of duplicate and similar MP3's, with a percentage bar for content and/tag information is displayed in the Results tab. Depending on your settings, the percentage can range from 0.5 % to 100%. The higher the percentage (I found above about 75 %), then the most likely the MP3's are exact duplicates, i.e the audible audio output are a exact match when listened to.

Similarity - Easily Search Audio Duplicates, Verify, then Remove

MP3 duplicate finder review at Computer Tech Links: http://pcsourcepoint.blogspot.com/

You can verify the MP3 duplicate results, by viewing tag/file information and directly playing the side by side audio results at the bottom, after clicking one of the listed audio file results. The audio file should play in your default player, if the format is supported. Any or all of the duplicate MP3's can be sorted, deleted, played, and exported to a play list.

Testing and MP3 Duplicate Results:

I tested by comparing two folders, and created duplicates in one folder, and altering the file name and tags for a few tracks. Similarity was able to quickly determine the audio files as duplicates, with 97% similar content comparison (and 27 % similar tag information), from about 350 files total in about 2 minutes. Another set of duplicates had about 73 % audio content comparison, but with 80% tag similarity. Thus tag information can be useful - i.e. to complement or prove that the audio files are duplicate if tag results are a high percentage.

Sensitivity and Customization:

But in my view the real strength is in the sound analysis comparison, as many of the files were not tagged (or incorrectly/incomplete). Interesting to note, that for the some of the same artists, but with different MP3 audio songs, there were around 40% to 55% content comparison analysis at the default settings. This indicates the level of sensitivity for finding, and perhaps reliability/accuracy of this software. So to target similar audio for finding exact duplicates, the option scan settings are customizable and can be easily adjusted. Overall a good useful freeware MP3 duplicate finder and remover, to help streamline and organize you audio collection, and to regain hard drive capacity for you computer. Similarity can be found at www. music-similarity.com or download directories.

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