Jun 24, 2009

SEO Tips

Applying basic search engine optimization (SEO) tips is a procedure (of sorts) to optimize your blog to rank highly on their search engine results pages (called "serps"). Perhaps having your blog title displayed within the first three results pages would be ideal. This is important if you want to gain targeted visitors, and perhaps subscribers to your blog. There are many blogs, web sites, articles, manuals, etc that offer quality SEO tips to achieve this, and which I have adopted, in an attempt to quickly gain visitors. For this blog, I only explain the basics that I have applied for on site optimization.

SEO Image to display basic SEO on site tips at Computer Tech Links:http://pcsourcepoint.blogspot.com/Applying SEO techniques is not really new, but worth applying properly if you want to attract visitors, that you feel should engage with your blog's content. In many blog forums, I have seen numerous questions relating to SEO. Conversely, I seen many forums posts replying with quality SEO tips, and including links to SEO PDF files, SEO blogs, sites and PDF's. SEO blog optimization, I believe is becoming increasingly important for blogs, as there are so many blogs for a wide range of topics, which are becoming increasingly competitive for those topics (or keywords).
SEO Image By svilen001 at SXC.

You can of course research to find a less competitive blog topic that you might want to relate to a competitive topic - often called a niche blog. But for now, for on site (i.e. within your blog's content and template layout) SEO procedures, I have adopted basic content SEO procedures and some blogger based template/script changes, that do help increase visits. Specifically visits from search engines, for visitors that want relevant/targeted information by searching - before they even know your blog exists. Hopefully your blog title displays prominently (i.e. with relevant post title introduction) on the first few pages of the serps for a targeted search. Then hopefully visitors click on the displayed link, then read with enthusiasm your blog's content. Then ideally visitors return, along with daily new visitors.

SEO Keywords for Blogger Layout:

You need to apply keywords with your blog url if possible (I have for new blogs I have created),and the same or very similar keywords for your blog description, blog post title, and blog body content. I research popular keywords and keyword phrases (by Google search visitors) by using Google's keyword tool. I use keywords in the introduction, sparingly throughout the body post, and at the end to summarize. I also apply associated keywords (called secondary or long tail keywords) that closely relate to the primary keyword (e.g primary might be Blog and secondary might be Blogger, or say Hotel then Accommodation). I think Google with it's massive database would know that those primary/secondary keywords are highly associated. Of course you need to write unique quality content as well.

But you need to write naturally and intuitively try to configure your keywords within the content to create a natural blog post. Not only natural but to keep within focus to engage your readers, with what you want to essentially convey. You need to balance your content, by not using too many keywords, as this might be unfavorable to Google. There are also html tags to consider, and perhaps highlighting (e.g. bold) some of your keywords and their associated secondary keywords. For html tags, their are the header type tags. Though I have not really used html tags for SEO, but they are known to help.

If adding images, use keywords and a short relevant sentence that describes the image in the alt attribute html of the image; alt ="" might be alt = "Increase visits by keyword search tips using SEO tips at My Blog (Title)". Remember people do image searches, and hopefully they may find your blog from your alt attribute. I think it helps to have a convincing title to target visitors, particularly if there are numerous other similar blog title or post content. I use "How to repair" (then keyword phrase) which has attracted visitors, or apply popular keyword phrases that specifically relates to the post body.

Blogger script modification/hacks for SEO:

I also applied a few html/JavaScript changes in my blogger html template from a SEO perspective. Many others have as well, and such script changes increase the chances of visitors clicking on your blog from Google search results. The main script changes for me are:

1. Adding meta tags 2. Displaying the post (1st)- blog title (2nd) in search results and 3. Adding scripts/links/widgets for popular or relevant posts.

Meta Tags For SEO

Adding meta tags, particularly a relevant blog or post description, will prominently display what you post is about and more targeted in terms of SEO. Having a relevant description (and using keyword or related terms from Google's keyword tool) will increase visits - important if there are hundreds of similar posts, forum posts, blog directories, news sites, etc (and that don't have a relevant description). Best to visit online for specifics and how to add meta tags, e.g. bloggertricks com.

Image of Google search results for Computer Tech Links
a. Meta description tag: How to increase Visitor Traffic to Your Blog: 36 Tips from personal experience. b. Post Title displays before Blog Title and C. Key worded image description added to alt attribute (view source code)

Image of basic SEO tips and increasing blog visitors at Computer Tech Links:http://pcsourcepoint.blogspot.com/

Post and Title Display SEO Optimization Tip For a Blogger Blog

Typically Google search results for Blogger blogs are in the form Blog Title then Blog Post Title. You can reverse that order to Blog Post Title then Blog Title. This is a important SEO script tip as the end of the overall text (the Post title) will be trimmed off, if either the blog title and/or the post title is a bit long. Hence reverse it to help prominently display the Post Title (remember appropriately key worded) first - to increase the chances of targeted visitors to click to your site. Visit and search bloggerplugins.org for a simple explanation and the script code.

Add Links to Popular Post Tip

To help keep visitors on your site, and to possibly return, I add links in the sidebars to popular/relevant posts as determined by Google Analytics. Or you can automate by applying labels or widgets box type scripts. Some scripts require the rss feed address for your blog to be added to the actual script. Some blog directories provide such scripts, also feedburner (a script called feedmap I think), and blog tutorial sites (The blog doctor, bloggertipandtrick, blogger know how, and others).

These are basic on page SEO tips that I use, and actually can be applied more in depth to achieve advanced SEO techniques (e.g. optimum keyword density,"semantics" keywords association, optimum keyword phrases for titles, specific html tags in sub category titles in the posts, Blog template and script optimization, and more). More advanced SEO optimization tips can be found at SEOZombie, Search Engine Land, Make Money for Beginners (Grizz blog), and Blogger based tutorials. But best to start with basic SEO blog tips, and then more advanced with further SEO research and monitoring. It helps to learn SEO if you want to increase targeted visitors to your blog on a daily basis.

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