Apr 6, 2008

MP3 MediaMonkey Music Organizer

MediaMonkey - Lining up MP3's for easy reference

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If you are looking for a comprehensive, but reasonably easy to navigate and use music organizer, then perhaps MediaMonkey free version, might suit your mp3 (which yo might convert from CD or DVD extraction software) music file organizational and management requirements. This is a versatile program, that I have used a few years back when it was named Songs-DB; However it's use as a music management system has certainly improved. It can quickly scan thousands of music media on your hard drive, ready to sort them in folders, associate itself with a file type as the default player, and input information (ratings) about other players on your computer.

music media can be arranged logically in folders created, by sorting by artist name, genre, year, album, etc. You can also tag your files, and the program also auto tags if connected to the internet, where you can also download album information from the freedb service. In addition to playing and burning, and changing formats, the program can also synchronize with portable music players, and import play lists. Perhaps you may want to
extract audio from DVD VOB files to create music CD’s as mp3's. If you convert to a lot of mp3's, then MediaMonkey would be useful for managing them all.

To summarize, MediaMonkey free operates as
a reasonably efficient stream lined music manager, scanner, player, encoder, decoder, converter, auto file tagger and renamer, play list generator, and portable music synchronizer, and more. Though the Gold edition offers a bit more with unlimited encoding, advanced search options and synchronization. So MediaMonkey free is relatively comprehensive, but yet reasonably light weight and functional to suit most music collector's media organizational requirements...

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