Sep 30, 2007

Extended Web Beginner...To Blogs...

Earlier, I had written a small piece about how easy and more proactive it is to get more involved in the internet through blogging, social sites, free host sites, etc. It also seems to be quite popular - i.e. more active bloggers and social network users than ever. I certainly have read some quite interesting blogs related to blog optimization, monetization emphasis, effective advert placements and so on. ..

Many popular blogs in the above categories appear to be written by talented or experienced, focused individuals whom produce most useful sites such as dosh dosh, skelliewag, and marceilbeck to name a few. I have read many other useful blogs about blog optimization. Perhaps it is great that they exist - and more importantly that they continue to exist. Well for one, I have comprehended and applied some of their advice and tips to help improve my internet site...

It is easy for some to blog - if you have experience, and know how to cleverly construct pertinent content (without any real experience in a particular academic or practical field) then you could be made - much like a potential prize winning poet or novelist. Thus your blogs could appeal to the masses. Hopefully this is what I am trying to do by writing mainly about numerous software programs that I have used!


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