Oct 1, 2007

Gadgets for Life...Life Without Gadgets...

Life can be associated or even dependent on gadgets, particularly the communication portables. Many of us need or desire to have them, if not for show or to be in with any trend, but for real helpful use. That is, helpful functional use perhaps on a daily basis. I-Pods, Mobile Phones, Pagers, PDA's, Hand Helds, GPS Coordinators, and many others, are all part of this trend and need. The need to communicate, to keep in touch, to get instant useful relevant information. It's the gadgets that do help...

If we need to initiate a quick message, voice call, find instant information, or directions from a resticted space such as a car or boat, or a lift (in an emergency) then we simply tap into our gadgets - our mobiles, hand held or GPS devices. Perhaps GPS gadgets don't come to many people's mind as do mobile phones. GPS (Global Positioning System) are based on satellites circling our earth, and are extremely accurate, working in all weather conditions 24 hours anywhere in the world. With this powerful system, GPS devices therefore can be extremely functional.

GPS devices ought to register in one's mind as a very handy gadget...Wanting easy to access directions on your travels? Then the streetpilot c330 GPS system can help - quite easily. With it's simple touch screen, voice navigation and recognition, auto route calculation, and it's 3D to birds eye view mode, and more it is sure to please. All these features in a sleek hand size device to easily navigate to your selected destination. Yes it's a gadget, but one that can serve a real functional need, that can add that extra usefulness.
I remember being lost on long country roads around central New Zealand and with my young family on a hot day, it was frustrating, and annoying that I got myself...simply lost. if I had known about GPS then, then certainly having one then would have been extremely helpful.

So gadgets for life - Nearly all of us have them, as they do indeed satisfy our need to get instantly what we want - for a simple chat, message notification, current information, including easy to get travel directions - since we do not like to get lost do we?


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