Nov 6, 2007

Internet Activities - Changing Face to Earn Online

Internet usage it seems, has changed by long time users and the introduction of thousands of new users. Many are now getting more involved in finding ways of making money, particularly with Google's adsense and affiliate programs. I'm sure there is a huge uptake for those ads, and many others. All you need is good quality well researched, possibly unique content to attract readers and to make them return to your blog/web site.
Additionally, internet users are looking and signing up for paid post/response forums, paid surveys, email click, pay for clicks, stock photography sites, and so on. Of course there are those who are involved in direct online selling and marketing of their own services and/or items. Now with the popularity of free blog platforms, web editors, host sites, etc, it is possible to make money on your own blog/web site. But this means promoting, customizing, and optimizing, amongst other factors of your blog/web for maximum effect to attract readers and therefore hopefully a realistic income stream.
These factors will of course take time, a new train of thought, new skills perhaps (for design and enhancement components - e.g. rss feeds, search forms, etc). This will involve time, passion, and the belief to reach your goal, again over a long time. One way is to subscribe to popular blogs to get fresh ideas to help you on you way, as this is what I do. I'm sure there's a ton of well presented knowledgeable blogs out there to enhance your mission to learn and hence to gain more...
One such blog I subscribe to is skelliewag This site has a wealth of articles on content creation marketing, writing tips and much more. So it's worth a read!


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