Nov 15, 2007

Google's Page Creator...Nice Touch

GPC...Nice Change...
I have just created a few pages within one site using Google's Page Creator. It's a nice simple platform that would suit beginners for creating a web site. You can add html codes, css, and javascript using a text editor and then upload the files to GPC. Also google videos, gadgets, maps, and adsense can be added. You may get some issues in terms of placement, realignment, etc depending on your layout, particularly for the 3 table setup. So experimentation or change of layout for a more open space may be required. I sometimes add tables, and place html codes and other components into them to help achieve correct placement.

You get 100 MB space, 10 MB file size maximum and no file type restrictions, and without ads. Apparently there is no bandwidth limit, but it's unclear if there is one. You can create, I think up to 5 sites, which can be linked together. Generally it's a simple interface to interact with, as it is a wysiwig platform, but you need html/javascript knowledge to enhance your site. Or you can visit tutorial and forum web/blog sites to get additional help and codes to append embed in your pages's site. One such site is jvanbaelen. Here you find plenty of tutorials and tips to add codes and features to enhance your site. I found GPC a nice simple approach - just to basically "drop" text in, and because of that, a change from heavily editing and coding standard web sites.


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