Nov 28, 2007

Forums - Make Use Of Them

Forums...Learn and Maybe Earn
I have just rejoined forums after a few years, which I now realize is quite beneficial to learn and help others to learn. If you feel you can help others, them perhaps do so, or if you have questions relating to certain things (e.g. Computers, Internet, Electronics, etc), or perhaps just want to express yourself, then join up to a forum. Many forums today have various categories that should be relevant to your needs - i.e. something for everybody, including a "venting" or general topics forum.

Many allow you to promote your blog/web site as a link and in your profile. Many profile areas allow you to enhance them with html editing, templates, photos, avatars and so on. You can also make friends in some forums, and often a forum are a subset of the popular network sites such as Myspace. So to expand your knowledge, friendship globally (which has benefits), and to contribute your ideas and thoughts - then sign up to a forum such as Mylot . This is a quality forum site, where you can get paid for posting and responding to posts. It also has a blogging section as well. It's worth a visit...

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