Dec 6, 2007

Blog Quality Comments - Generate a Back Link

Comments: Contribute effectively-
If you want to increase links to your blog/web site, it might pay to leave thoughtful comments at other blogs, that preferably relates to yours. Many blogs allow you to leave a link to yours. I have had visits to my blog or web site by leaving comments. It pays to leave a thoughtful comment that relates to the content or topic of the post, and that you perhaps relate or respond to other comments within that post. Try to expand on the theme of the post either by adding useful suggestions, or even queries to that post, but don't be shy to say what you really want to say.

Rather than say "What a great post - you have given me new ideas" could be re-sentenced as
"What a great post - you have given me new ideas, but what about No. 1 idea - will that be effective if I ....? or can I do this as well?... If you want to compliment in a comment, that's fine, but it could be made a bit more worthwhile by expanding it a bit. This could indicate that you are genuine in wanting to know more or perhaps you already know more, and hence you could at least induce a response from the blogger, or others that are commenting. This is more likely to cause the blogger or others commenting to click on your link (They might think - "I never thought of asking that" or "That's a good point" - Who is this Guy?).

So it's having quality relevant expanded comments, possibly with your queries (using "but" or "what about") to relay a sense of knowledge or wanting knowledge, is more likely to create another response to you, possibly resulting in a blog link visit. You could then subscribe to that blog and others and participate more actively, within the comments section.


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