Dec 12, 2007

MP3 Catalogue Program - Disclib

MP3 Index - Saves Time; From pcsourcepoint

If you have a collection of cd's , particularly mp3's then using a catalogue program such as disclib will allow you to search any file pretty quick. I have about 35 numbered discs for backup, and to find any file I do a search within disclib with the file's name. Disclib finds the disc number instantly - so it saves a lot of time to search each disc manually by inserting the discs in a cd player. You need to insert each disc in the program so it can get indexed, and then assign a tile name that should ideally match that of your disc.

The program creates a directory tree for each disc, and you can also add folders from your pc. It has a few other features such as favorites, Categories, advanced search, export of the file names (for reports), and tags. It also supports wav, wma, and ogg format. It's also free, and you get the program from snapfiles freeware: disclib

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