Dec 12, 2007

New Zealand Web Sites of Interest

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Note: Coromandel photo kind permission of
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those of you from New Zealand abroad, and interested in New Zealand, I thought I might add a few sites that might appeal to you. These are just random links, but if click on NZ Com, you might be able to find other NZ sites that appeal to you. You can also visit
pcsourcepoint where I list many more links to NZ sites - and includes a printable list. It should be noted that many NZ's seem to be more involved in forums and of course social web sites - particularly Bebo for the younger generation. Young kids at the primary schools, all seem to have Bebo pages. I use Bebo solely to contact younger family members living overseas. Perhaps you can too to make communal contact with family members - useful to get contact details, such as an e-mail address, and maybe pictures of your nieces or nephews that you may not see for some time.Trademe (Auctions) NZ's most popular site, seems to be as busy as ever, and some of you's might want to visit it, because I think a few changes have been added, for example auto address contact and payment methods. I think Trademe also links to old friends which is another way to try contact family members - I certainly have. I tried to make tables for the links below, but a bit tricky html editing - still learning! I may periodically add NZ sites to help keep in touch with those keen or missing what's happening down under. Do add comments for suggestions, your thoughts or whatever...Cheers!

DSE (Electronics)
NZS ComNZ 60's - 80's Music History!
NZ Fishing
NZ Population
Don's Auto
Lollies on LinePaul Money Stereo
NZ Newspapers (Plenty News!)


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