Dec 29, 2007

Blog Promotion For Bloggers - Many Avenues

Promoting your Blog: Quality Content - Then more...
With Christmas gone, and too much eating food from a traditional hangi (where food is steamed cooked in the ground) and consuming alcohol, blogging was on the back of my mind. All in good spirits though (Drank some as well!). In between over consumption, I have been spiriting in another direction: Trying to enhance and promote this blog through various means, which involved learning and applying different techniques.

Techniques such as html editing for template changes, to attempt to produce a more modern web like look. This also involved photo additions, forum contributions, social profile customization, and article and blog directory submissions. Though with the blogger template, it seems more techniques and implementation are required for enhancement, compared to its main rival the component and feature rich Wordpress. Perhaps Wordpress for me will come at a later time.

But for now, some useful sites to help blogger blogs are its feedburner components (There are several components to help optimize and publicize), web sites such as new tips for bloggers and blogger tips - tricks. Then blog submission to article directories, such as Go Articles and Article Dashboard. Also submission to blog directories, like blogengage and top of blogs. Perhaps directories help exposure in terms of valuable back or inbound links, but I'm not sure of their total value as of now. Though some of my articles have been used on other sites, with a reference or link to this blog. Perhaps their value as a link will realize itself later - maybe.

In an earlier post I talked about the use of forums, and after participation I have had a lot of visitors to this blog and other sites of mine. One forum I have just joined is the excellent bloggeries forum. This exposed me to the directories, and great friendly blog tips and ideas. But of course it takes time, as you have to constantly participate with quality replies and questions or discussions.

It also helps to visit and subscribe to other blogs to get content and template format ideas, and also to leave genuine thoughtful comments if possible. This may help to get visits from others that comment. I have also requested a few link exchanges from sites a bit similar in content to mine, but with a higher page rank and presumably more authority and value. Have to wait and see.

Finally I have enhanced and added more information of my profile pages at social sites such as mylot and myspace. Basically this involved adding html tags, photo’s, and banners, to attract forum members to easily visit this blog and my other sites. Again, plenty of effort at times is required for blogging, forum participation, and template customization. Therefore it makes sense to extend that effort by promoting one's profile at social sites and forums - only if you want more exposure and visitors for your blog. Blogging for some is meant to engage your readers, but if you want readers (and possibly subscribers) you have to be proactive to attract them…and to retain them…



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