Dec 22, 2007

USB Drives - PC Portability

USB Flash Drives - Easy Data Transfer and more...

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of us will be traveling and visiting families once again this festive season, so it's a good time to consider and utilize the usefulness and increasing popularity of portable USB drives. Sometimes known as pen, flash, key-chain, and thumb drives and as small as a cigarette lighter in different trendy styles and ever increasing capacities, they are a important gadget for computer users. Many now come pre-configured with suitable software to help you easily and safely interact with your computing tasks. Pricing has also decreased for most of them in recent years. Though cost per mega byte are generally higher than standard hard drives, but they are quite practical for many people.

Many companies (e.g. apacer, sandisk, kingston, memorex, etc) are actively producing and advertising them as a useful pc peripheral item to purchase. Guessing by the worldwide use of flash drives, it's popularity will continue - it seems we all could do with one. Many generic brands have appeared, possibly resulting in a general price decrease, except to a limited extent for the higher capacity drives (32 GB - 64 GB). I brought a 256 MB drive for about $70 NZ 3 years ago, which now are around $13 NZ, and now standard 1 GB - 2 GB USB flash drives are selling for around $20. So certainly cost effective these days.

Importantly, it's usefulness can be complimented with essential software (e.g. anti virus, email, etc) or perhaps a complete software suite to cover your basic computing tasks. Many even include a mp3 player, recorder, FM tuner, wristwatch, and even a pen. So even a 2GB flash drive would cover your general needs (as I have found out with plenty of mp3's, word documents, and photo storage). Complete USB flash drive software suits are free such as this USB flash drive suite. So having a reasonably good specification (e.g. high data transfer rate, USB 2.0 specs, password protection, recovery function, self powered, etc) USB flash drive, is as important when you use it for transferring your files, and working on them in another computer - all with relative ease.


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