Feb 11, 2008

Computer Hardware Drivers For Performance

Driver For PC Stability…
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Internal and external device components for your computer such as a printer, modem, graphic card, camera, mouse, etc, all require a driver for optimum operation. This is essentially a file that communicates between the operating system and that component to ensure optimum trouble free performance. But to maintain peak performance without incompatibility issues of hardware and associated software is to ideally update their drivers.

Driver updates or re installation are not as often thought about or published much, compared to system or popular software updates (e.g. anti-virus, firewalls, browsers, burning/ripping/converting software, photo editors, etc). Perhaps driver updates are not really required for a while, until performance issues occur for hardware devices. However it can be time consuming locating the correct latest driver if required, and any associated software from the various manufacturers’ sites.

There are however sites, often requiring signing up, that can scan your computer for driver updates, provide software downloads, and to interact with members to obtain drivers and further information. Pcupdater and Driveragent are a sites that scans your system for required driver updates, and drivermax is a program that can create a driver backup and reinstall if required. Driverguide is a forum and driver database site to search for drivers and software, converse with members for drivers, provide tutorials, and other resources.

Installing or upgrading drivers, whether on a disc or from a download is relatively straight forward, but follow the manufacturer’s instructions if any. For installing new hardware, the driver can be installed once down loaded or with a driver disc (sometimes supplied with a new computer) in conjunction with device manager or with the add hardware option in control panel. Specific driver installation is described at computer hope. Hence a computer’s system is more likely to run at peak performance (in addition to other maintenance procedures) if drivers are updated which will also increase a computer’s stability…


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