Feb 27, 2008

How to Shop Online for Mustang Car Parts

Online shopping for Mustang Car Parts Review at: http://pcsourcepoint.blogspot.com/Shopping and buying online products and services is perhaps one of the great benefits of the Internet. You can search a vast range of new, unique, and maybe unintended products at reduced prices relative to your local off line stores or normal shopping avenues. My experience for online shopping for custom or unique parts for a Mustang car could be applied for other online shopping items. Image: Stock.xchng by ftibor
Online Shopping Experience and Convenience

Many online stores provide an easy shopping experience with streamlined product categories, search features, appealing images, delivery options, contact information, and of course seamless payment. Increasingly paypal is required for purchases. The use of the common shopping cart widget and ease of ordering and payment makes online shopping desirable for many online purchases. Browsing online sites for Mustang parts was no exception for an online shopping experience.

Popular Online Stores

Most of us are perhaps familiar with our local online shop stores such as Trademe in NZ, or the popular eBay and Amazon online stores. One can easily buy or bid for common items such as CD’s, watches, car accessories, clothing, books and so on. However searching for a semi-unique item, such as a Mustang car part (steering wheel) at a reasonable price might be difficult or time consuming. It’s a matter of searching effectively, and targeting an online store for overall price effectiveness, quality, shipping and insurance options, and customer support.

Targeted Online Shopping Tactics - Segmented Approach
In purchasing a after market Mustang Steering wheel from the USA, I chose JC Whitney, but not without trolling dozens of sites effectively for about 10 or so hours. It seemed to be a triangular hierarchy approach. The base being the manufacturer site (Grants), then a semi specialist site (CY Pony’s/Hot Rods USA), a larger general site (Mustang Barn), a more comprehensive site (Mustang Unlimited), then at the apex, a comprehensive but more general site (JC Whitney - much like NZ’s Super Cheap Auto, but about 50 times larger). The more related Mustang car parts for sale at each site; it seemed the more costly until at the general site. This hierarchy might apply for other specialty products, of which it’s best to start from the manufacturer’s site.

Ebay and Shipping, Tracking, and Contact

Of course, one can start easily from eBay, of which relevant linked sites or eBay Stores may be displayed for that item. There were a few shop stores for Mustang car parts, but some would not ship directly to New Zealand. After browsing those stores, I again visited other Mustang online parts sites. Once you decide to buy, it might pay to email or call (remember to consider time zones) about additional shipping options including online tracking, personal delivery, surface or air mail, delivery times (I have had 4 days to 8 weeks), insurance options, multiple purchase benefits, etc. If the seller cannot ship to your or another country then consider a courier or external delivery service. For NZ personal buyers, one such company is Shipbuktu.
Purchase Fees and Correct Labeling

Further, for your own convenience, you need to factor exchange rates, bank/credit card fees (typically 3 % for NZ for personal mid priced products), local custom regulations and fees, online customer service, and availability of local agents/suppliers for service if required. Perhaps have your postal/zip code handy, credit card number, and maybe ask the seller to clearly type your address - I have had a 1b address, hand written like a 16 - where the item was incorrectly delivered.

Item Protection and Destination

Maybe arrange with the NZ destination courier zone to hold your product, and then ask them to contact you when it arrives. How to shop online particularly for a specific Mustang car part was an interesting and even pleasurable experience. But more so if one can search effectively to try minimize the time and effort to achieve a reasonable price. Protect your product with shipping insurance, and specify suitable packing materials before it leaves the seller, and after when it lands at its courier office or destination…


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