Feb 2, 2008

Which Video Format Converter Software

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File format conversion software programs seem to be appearing frequently lately, I think in part to the popularity of YouTube. This involves the relative ease of downloading and uploading videos. I have noticed in forums, many members request for such programs, notably to convert from the FLV format to other formats (mpeg, avi, etc).

Alternatively you can convert to FLV or SWF (Flash format) to upload to the web, such as the free
video to flash converter. Many programs seem to be all in one, and relatively easy to do conversions. I recall a few years back, a combination of programs, or a comprehensive manual program had to be used which I downloaded from video help com. Full programs like Internet Video Converter, Any Video Converter and Biennnesoft YouTube Downloader, are now easily available, which all allow conversions with relative ease. An added benefit perhaps, is the availability to easily extract audio from movie formats to mp3 and wav format. I recall a while back, using three open source programs to do audio extraction. Programmers have certainly got better to achieve similar results with such easy video interface software.

Programs like free YouTube to mp3 converter, and AoA Audio Extractor are examples. In addition, programs are available to convert to iPod, PSP, and mobile phone formats, a few which are listed here in snapfiles freeware. To complement, software players also help out, including playing the FLV formats. I have noticed many blogs and some sites have incorporated YouTube videos as an added attraction and as a marketing tool. Videos within the Internet have become increasing popular as a medium of sorts (marketing, advertising, social connection, etc). As a result, software related to video have become more widespread and much easier to use, including to extract audio from DVD VOB files to create music CD’s.



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