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Mar 20, 2008

How to Add Navigational Rounded Blogger Menu Bar

Menu Bar For Blogger - Might pay to display...

In a recent post Blogger Template Changes, I decided to add a
navigation menu bar from following the excellent tutorial in beta blogger for dummies. You basically upload a image (actually two) of a navigation image menu bar (I hosted for free on Google Pages), create posts (as displayed below this post) which are linked to the menus. Then edit the html a little in the blogger template (Note: Back Up you current template by downloading it first) and add a long piece of javascript code in the html/javascript element boxes with the associated post and image links. Then publish to view your navigation bar.

Though a bit time consuming, depending on the
number of posts (and hence menu bar links) with it's information, including setting up multiple links, photo's, etc, per post, it is reasonably straight forward. Though a black bar mysteriously appeared, it was easily removed by editing out it's code line in the javascript code. So with care, you might have to edit that code a little to modify things a little to your liking, or perhaps e-mail the author (Vin) for help.

Of course you can add your own
html table like navigation bar if you want, rather than above, but unless you know how to create smooth rounded bars as above, then the above tutorial might be the way to go. Having such a bar at the top will hopefully attract visitors to click on the menus to visit other resources, which may be of interest to them. Perhaps you might have an alternative procedure for adding a navigation bar to a blogger template - then let me know in the comments section...

Visit Vin's blog, which has a massive range of easy to read blogger hacks, scripting, template, adsense, Google, and social optimization tutorials to enhance your blogger blog...

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