Mar 23, 2008

Picture Editors

Image From Stock.xchng - Austria Bridge by melloryFreeware Photo Editors - For Photo Enhancement

Many free picture editors (and photos) software are available on the internet to enhance or customize your existing photo's, that you may want to reprint, email, upload to a site or store online. However there are a few free picture editors that seem to be popular because of the large range of editing features. Perhaps not as flexible and powerful as as the non free Adobe's photoshop (e.g. elements and CS2/3) but perhaps can be useful for many users. Freeware photo editors can produce quite a effective transformed photo by the average home photo user.

Image From Stock.xchng - Austria Bridge by mellory

Many freeware photo editors seem to offer basically the same strand of features, such as filters (e.g. softening, colour/appearance effects, textures, etc), selection/edit mode (invert, rotation, skew, ratio, shapes, by colour, trace, etc), image properties (save mode, file size, camera properties, etc), tools (convert to icon, wallpapers, etc), and maybe view and effects (add ons - sketch, charcoal, snow, cloud, etc). Often you can combine the better features of at least two freeware picture editors to achieve a more enhanced or customized picture or photo.

For example The Gimp has a layout palette for easier navigation/selection (with practice), paint net has a lasso, and photofiltre has a clone tool. Applying all these features, and others editing functions to a photo can produce a more professional output. Though perhaps a little time consuming, compared to the all in one advanced photoshop picture editor software. The learning curve of most of these software are generally faster, easier, and therefore perhaps appealing to those that want to perform basic to moderate editing only.

More advanced editing is possible, but often requires a steeper learning curve due to the limitation of tools required. Also, the many plugins (which can significantly reduce editing) from Adobe often cannot be added to some picture editors, hence making advanced effects more challenging. I generally have found that freeware picture editors are often loaded with various basic image and cosmetic touch up effects, which are easy to apply. However to transform a collection of photos to a single conceptual or abstract photo, or a design template (e.g. for websites or advertising banner), though achievable, can be a bit difficult and certainly time consuming.

Freeware picture editors and photo software are adequate for easy photo image editing up to a certain level, but with cross editing of the programs, with it's better features, some determination, and perhaps imagination, one can achieve a more attractive advanced photo. Listed are free or cheap picture editors, and perhaps you might suggest some other free picture editors...

The Gimp Photoscape
Photofiltre Paint Net Photo! Editor

Serif PhotoPlus Ulimate paint ImageForge Pixia Photobie

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adam said...

Hello there, I just jumped from labnol to your blog, (from your comment, there).
I like your blog very much and I am going to come back, soon.
This wonderful photo from Austria grabbed my attention to leave you a comment, because I know that Alpine road, where the photo was taken, very well. I drove there many times from Germany to Slovenia and back. One of the best highways I've ever experienced, and in the combination with music of Jean Michel Jarre Equinoxe is simply a 'killing combination'.
Kind regards, adam