May 15, 2008

Computer Background Processes - What’s on Your Computer?

PC Background - Look further and deeper...

Image by drouu: skyway corridor in downtown Minneapolis, United States

If you are curious what computer background processes and sub systems that are currently running on your computer then try the free “What’s Running”, a detailed program which displays categories such as processes, services, modules, live internet connections, drivers, start up, and system information. For each category, there is a comprehensive hierarchal process, which displays even more information such as sub systems, process descriptions, version number, and more.

Windows has many services running in your computer background, which may not be required, of which some and other programs or files can be disabled and shut down. You can click on the “get online info” on line link in the left column or right click the process. Care though - Do research processes, and perhaps create a restore point before hand if you consider stopping/disabling changes. Another useful feature is that you can open folders and set priorities for some of the processes or services.

I found the information for drivers interesting. What's Running lists all drivers, including drivers that are not in use, and associated information, including file, product and version information. The snapshot feature is also useful, which you can load later for comparison against current background processes. Perhaps the program can be used even more effectively with the advanced process explorer and other system utilities.

So, if you want even a easy to navigate cursory look at your computer background processes, and perhaps tinker a bit with some of the processes then try out What’s Running. For other related diagnostic programs visit sysinternals - created by Mark Russinovich, renown software architect/co-author for many popular windows utilities...

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