May 11, 2008

How to create a Download Link

Image by Happidog: Fannette Island in Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe,California" Download File Creation - For Long Term Relevant Information

Image by Happidog: Fannette Island in Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe,California

Here’s a tutorial which demonstrates how to create a download link to download (or cancel) a file, such as a word or adobe document (pdf) to open and then save. You might want visitors to download such a file in your web site/blog, or a forum, profile in a social site, etc, to present information. Also it’s useful, if it’s a relatively large file, for future reference to share with family and friends, rather than e-mailing (or re-e-mailing later on) a large file.

You can upload and keep it on a free server or site such as Google Pages and e-mail the link to your recipients to download, open, and then save on their computer if they want to. Once the file is uploaded to a online server or a personal web server (e.g. within your own site), simply copy the url (web address in the browser bar), then insert it as a link to your text (anchor text) or insert in web based codes as described below:

Example to create a download link - Using the free Google Pages:

This is using the code scripts in a particular computer forum (vb script)

1. Download My Freeware Links in [url=]Word (39 kb)[/url].

But generally you would use html code:

2. Download My Freeware Links in<a href="">Word (39 kb)</a>

Which for both codes above would in reality, display this: Download My Freeware Links in Word (39 kb)

The visitor clicks on the active link - Word (39 kb) - to download or cancel the document...

You can also upload photo’s, maybe wav and mp3 files (server and policy dependent), using this method, for your recipients or visitors to download. Most people should have the required programs to open the files when downloaded or perhaps mention the format in the link description. Also note the file size - 50 kb or 20 MB? Could make a difference for those on dial up or entry level broadband to download.

Some bloggers, marketing sites, education facilities, and government agency sites, offer an e-book or electronic book (often in pdf) using this method. Often the e-book might be a tutorial, database, manual, research/marketing results, product descriptions, and so on. Document files in pdf is preferable, because in part due to its easy integration with the Internet, and the many options once it’s downloaded, such as searching (I once easily searched up to 10, 000 of names in a database e-book), text selection, book marking pages, multiple page display, and other useful options.

Remember to update your file if required, then re - upload to the server, and perhaps add a update date to file documents. You might also need to check the server's url periodically, to see if it has not moved or even removed, which might happen for small free servers. There also might be file size limits, a certain time period, activity limits, etc, for your file to remain on your selected server. But once files are housed, hopefully it should be useful not only to you, but others that you want to share with by simply clicking...

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Download Freeware Software Links (Word - 39 kb)

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