Jun 1, 2008

How to Increase RSS Subscriber Visitors Traffic For Your Blog

Need for a Feed: Feedburner - More Blog Reader Subscriptions

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Many blog and web site visitors may have noticed the RSS symbol and it's associated "subscribe in a reader" or by e-mail, to easily allow visitors to sign up and therefore easily receive updates of articles or posts. In an earlier post (Blog Promotion For Bloggers - Many Avenues), I touched a little on burning a feed with Feedburner, where a blog/site's feeds are syndicated to a online or stand alone alone feed reader (e.g. My Yahoo, Google Reader, and many others).

I'm sure many bloggers, would like to increase their subscriptions to their blog, to gain a bit of satisfaction and perhaps a authority on their topics within their blog. But to increase visitors to subscribe, a couple of techniques need to be actively employed. It's not only getting visitors interested about your blog's topics, but to get them to comeback or at least remain attached through subscriptions. I think serious bloggers blog perhaps with passion, therefore to share that passion, hopefully forever, by trying to increase subscribers to your blog or web site.

First, and as noted by many bloggers, is to write good content, ideally well researched, with originality, and try to connect to your readers. Establish a communication platform where you are conversing directly with your readers. This might require a good command of vocabulary that is easy, but helpful for readers to comprehend. Highlight in bold important (to you) terms, and add some relevant links. Maybe ask the readers for their thoughts or ideas (for the comments section). It's about yourself trying to project a bit of personality that hopefully appeals to your visitors.

It's a good idea to offer free items that are related to your blog, like e-books on tutorials, articles, information, etc, and in my case, links to freeware, listed below. Some blogs offer guest writing contests for prize money, or a link to your blog. One such blog is Joe Tech. Here, he offers prizes, from a pool to guest write on his blog. Visitors are likely to appreciate you, if you offer something relevant and helpful, hence increasing their likelihood to subscribe. Maybe ask your visitor to specifically subscribe with a soft note e.g "Do subscribe if you enjoyed this post". You need to leave a visible link to make it effortless to actually subscribe, perhaps at the bottom of each post and along the top, as in this blog.

Display your popular or top posts, (visit RSS aide for html top posts code), categories (with links), and perhaps image map information widgets (showing visitor location - see sidebar map, numbers of visits, etc). Anything to make visitors easily navigate to other posts that may interest them, and that real visitors have visited your blog. Maybe include the number of subscribers, once you believe you have enough visitors that you feel comfortable with. Having such items and widgets is to truthfully convey a sense of meaningful posts, that have interested past visitors - hopefully enough to interest current visitors and to increase subscribers for your blog. Any suggestions to increase subscribers? If so, then do post a comment...

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