Apr 9, 2009

CCleaner, F Cleaner and Disk Cleaner for Computer Cleaning

CCleaner, F Cleaner, and Disc Cleaner for Your ComputerImage by pansao - Internal view from MAC Museum, Rio de Janiero

Clean open pathway for your computer

is an essential and popular utility for your computer's maintenance and perhaps should be run frequently on your computer. CCleaner is an optimization, cleaning and privacy utility. It removes unused files, removes your internet activity, and unused registry fragments - with it's separate registry cleaner. This will result in a faster Windows system, and often significantly increasing the computer's hard drive capacity. Included is the useful option to add (or exclude) folders and files for cleaning.

FCleaner is another, perhaps lessor known, computer cleaner, and performs similar functions to CCleaner to achieve the same goal of optimization. It includes a task scheduler, and a command line option. which I found to run a bit faster, but am unsure how effective it is against CCleaner.

Disk Cleaner
a small and fast utility which optimizes your computer's system and hard drive storage space. You can create cleaning profiles, and can run quickly on start up. Unsure if it optimizes the registry (at this time).

I generally run them all, but it seems CCleaner for cleaning your computer is pretty hard to beat for freeware. In addition it might pay to also run a few registry cleaners for added security, including the popular Eusings registry cleaner. Remember to check for updates and to run computer cleaners on a regular basis.


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