Apr 1, 2009

Free Online Computer Video Editing Software

free Video editing SoftwareVideo Editing - Easy video editing today than cutting in the past...

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If you are new to video editing, then perhaps experiment with some free video editing software for your computer. You may not get fully enhanced features, quality support, and a level of professionalism as fully paid versions, but consider a starting point to assess if you do need a more enhanced video editing program. Microsoft's Microsoft Movie Maker, is considered a good video editing program, which is mainly based on drag and drop, but has many add on features and upgrades from their website. Wax is a flexible program, allowing special effects for composing a video sequence, and can integrate with other video editing software. Virtual Dub can process, and edit, split, and add audio tracks and is a good general editing program.

For advanced video editing, consider Zwei-Stein
(ZS4 Video Editor), which has 150 built in video effects, hence a comprehensive program. HyperEngine-AV for Macs with editing, capturing, processing, export feature to create DVD movies. Of note is the trackless workspace to manoeuvre a unlimited number of video, audio, and text tracks. The multi platform Avidemux, supports many file types, and designed for easy editing, filtering and encoding. Tasks can be automated. VideoThang allows you to mix video clips, images and mp3 music to create a mpeg file, with cutting, transitions, and apply several image and video effects on your computer.

There are also online video editing software such as VideoSpin where you drag and drop your video, add music and 2D transitions in a time line to create your video. You can upload to YouTube, and output in flash video format (flv files). The popular JumpCut supports several video and image formats for a drag and drop editing process. You can import images from Flickr and Facebook, and apply several video effects and transitions. Motionbox, where you can only upload video's and do basic rearrangements and add your completed video to groups. However, there seemed to be no video effects and transitions. For editing online video's by inserting the url, (i.e. not your own from a camcorder or PC) you can do overlay edits with Cuts. Pre-recorded sounds and captions can be added, and your video can be uploaded/added to YouTube, social sites, your email client, and html code for your blog or website.

In summary, probably Microsoft's Movie Maker, is easy to use, and generally available on new computers. Though the online Video Spin, with the similar concept drag and drop seems to offer a more enhanced user experience. The online JumpCut appears to be a cut above other online video editing services, with multiple effects with its clean streamlined interface. Depending on what extent you want to produce a video, and what editing features to learn and apply, and for free, then there should be a suitable software program to suit as an initial introduction to video editing...

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