Jul 23, 2008

Computer Hardware and Software Service

Computer Hardware and Software Service - Streamlined HighwayComputer Service Streamlined Highway

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There are generally three sectors within a computer that require service: hardware, the operating system, and it's associated software applications. Because all three are relatively interdependent, it is essential that computer service be performed to allow effective system operating stability to improve an overall trouble free computing experience. Therefore to get optimum use of your computer requires a regular maintenance or service plan to eliminate or reduce potential errors that may occur.
Hardware requires regular cleaning, such as the motherboard, and power supply from dust and foreign particles. Updating of the latest software drivers and associated relevant updates and upgrades would be beneficial.

Perhaps upgrade computer hardware for performance and usability improvement, such as the video card, ram, modem, speakers, etc. This is important for effective and extensive multi-tasking of programs. Particularly for process intensive operations, such as 3D gaming, extensive graphics editing, DVD authoring, and batch audio editing.
The operating system should be regularly updated with the latest security patches, and critical updates. It also needs to be regularly checked and optimized for performance, often with system or diagnostic software. These actions should be a effective computer software service plan.

Important computer
software service for optimizing and effectively maintaining the operating system include anti virus, spyware, registry cleaners, firewall, and general cleanup programs. Avast anti virus, CCleaner, and Spybot search and destroy are popular. Software applications and system utilities need to be updated and upgraded regularly to improve system stability and enhance your user experience. Also organize software programs and their files effectively by creating specific folders or placement on tool bars and the desktop for quick and easy access.

Maybe frequently review your programs and files to determine if they are required or hardly used, and if not, then uninstall them or back them up on removable media (e.g. flash drive) or a external drive. Visit my web site pcsourcepoint for links to computer hardware and software tutorials (e.g. Tom's Hardware, PC Hardware Experts, ExtremeTech, etc) , and latest freeware, computer hardware and software service industry news feeds (e.g. from TechCrunch, Engadget, Slashdot, PCWorld, Digital Inspiration, Snapfiles freeware, etc)

It's important to back up your computer's programs and files on a regular basis. Perhaps back up important individual files and programs (including the uninstalled downloaded programs) to removable media, such as a flash drive. Ideally back up the entire computer contents as an image with a back up program. Utilizing a consistent and focused computer hardware and software service plan with a back up backup strategy (with the free Syncback and Drive Image XML) will increase the likelihood of a relatively problem free computer experience long term...

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