May 13, 2009

Free Video Movie Editing Software

Basic reviews of free video movie editing software that perform a range of editing tasks, including splitting, joining, frame extraction, noise reduction, colour depth/restore, format changes, frame rate edits, an more. Perhaps you want to perform similar tasks for video editing, then below are some free movie editors to easily help achieve such editing functions.

Windows Movie Maker 2: Simple to use drag and drop movie editor, with various transitions, 2D effects, and title options. Perhaps mainly for introducing basic movie editing for beginners.

Virtual Dub: Well known powerful editing software, with plenty of compression codecs, can convert, edit, render, capture and filter video files and more, with batch conversion. Can also apply third party video filters for enhancement.

Avedit: Integrated some advanced functions for AVI movie editing, e.g. colour restore, video warping, change frame rate, duration and size, with noise reduction. Imports MP3 files to add as music or sound tracks. Also import popular image formats to convert to AVI movie, and can post to your web site or blog.

Virtual Edit: Provides a slick interface for those aspiring to be "content" creators, by capturing video in to a project. Then add effects, music, and titles for enhancement. Has two modes: the basic DV Edit 123 and Multi Edit Mode from mixed formats and sources.

Wax: General purpose high performance and compositional special effects movie editing software. You can create 2D/3D effects, and work in two modes - stand alone and as a plug in to video editors for more professional editing.

Chopper XP 2.7: Video editing software to extract a segment of a dvd Vob file for removal, which includes video display and a good interface.

Zwei-Stein Video Editor (ZS4): Powerful video editing software, which can edit up to 256 video, image and audio segments including up to 64 effects chained in series. Custom effects are easily applied though automatic key frames.

Avidemux (2.4.4): Performs cutting, encoding, and filtering editing supporting various video movie formats (AVI, MPEG, VOB, MP4, ASF, MKV, FLV, etc) and codecs. Automation of tasks integrating projects, job queuing, and advanced scripting and runs on various platforms. The interface is similar to the VirtualDub editing software and includes many of it's features.

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