Jun 4, 2008

How to Extract and Rip MP3 Audio From DVD VOB Movie

How to extract mp3 audio from dvd vob films at http://pcsourcepoint.blogspot.com/Different array of programs and processes to extract DVD to CD…

Occasionally you may want to extract, and perhaps burn the music or soundtrack from a personal DVD on to a blank CD-R disc. Doing so allows you to play the MP3 audio on your home or vehicle stereo for your pleasure. Extracting audio from DVD VOB files to create such playable audio CD’s can be easily achieved, though differently, with a range of DVD based programs. Extracting audio from VOB files has been around a few years, commonly using a DVD ripper to extract the VOB files and/or specific audio streams (DVD Shrink , DVD Decrypter, or Smart Ripper). Further processing of the VOB files, often with DVD2AVI was then performed to create a WAV file.

Then optionally, recording, editing, track splitting, and conversion functions were performed, e.g. with the basic Amber Audio Converter or the more advanced Audacity. Finally the resultant audio track(s), in MP3, WAV or AC3 format (Need to
convert from AC3 to WAV format with PX3 AC3 ) can be burned with your favorite burning program or a free one such as Burnaware Free and others (Snapfiles Burn Freeware).

The basic free conversion procedure for the above processes might be like this:

DVD VOB Files -- WAV/MP3 Files -- Editing (Optional) -- CD/R -- Stereo -- MP3 Audio to Play…
or DVD VOB Files -- AC3 Files -- WAV Files -- Editing (Optional) -CD/R -- Stereo --
MP3 Audio to Play…

(Though I think direct audio DVD (i.e. from the disc) to WAV or MP3 files exist, I have not come freeware programs similar to numerous direct CD disc to audio MP3 ripping/extraction freeware that exist).

The above earlier extraction methods can be accessed at these sites: Tutorial using DVD2AVI - (From Internet Archives. Note: Google Search “The way back machine”, then search for “Convert a DVD soundtrack to an audio CD”, if the DVD2AVI link changes or moves, etc). Tutorial using DVD Decrypter - (Using IFO Mode and might require a AC3 to WAV converter - e.g. AC3 Filter or PX3C3).

So there are various programs and processes to extract audio from DVD VOB files to create audio MP3's for a CD. Though recently some free simple user friendly programs have emerged to extract directly to MP3 from VOB and other video formats from your hard drive. Two such stand-alone programs are AoA Audio extractor and the free DVD Mp3 Ripper. Over 30 free video to MP3 extraction program are reviewed at MP3 Free Software Downloads. You just enter the VOB file (or other formats, e.g. AVI, MPEG, FLV, 3GP, etc) then that’s it - an MP3 file is produced. However you might need to extract to one complete VOB file, as many DVD rippers default split them into 4 or 5 portions. You need to check then perhaps change the DVD settings for file output - either in portions or a complete VOB file.

Then you might have to convert to another file format (e.g. to MPEG), using a free program like the Internet Video Converter . I found that AoA extractor could only extract the first portion, i.e. - VOB 1 file from the entire VOB file; this is in contrast using DVD2AVI or DVD Decrypter, where for example, all four or five VOB or audio files are automatically added and extracted for conversion.

Personally I found the old “established” DVD2AVI and DVD Decrypter process quicker and perhaps more intuitive, and also conversion is generally not required from VOB to MPEG, but this might differ for any different audio streams that might exist in the DVD disc. So it’s a matter of trying which extraction/ripping programs and processes are suitable and easy for MP3 audio extraction, optional editing, to burn to CD-R to play in your audio stereo to enjoy...

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